Social Media Strategy and Marketing

We now spend more time using social media than any other websites, meaning that social channels play an integral role in any business endeavour.

Zilla & Brook provides social media management, consulting and training services as well as a complete program of marketing and promotions across all relevant social platforms.

To make the most of social media it is important to take the time to connect with your target audiences, shape your brand, and develop long-term customer relationships to increase your brand’s visibility. Through social media engagement, your target audiences will enjoy a personal connection with your brand that leads to loyalty.

Successfully executing a social media campaign requires creative and savvy strategising, mapping and management by those with a clear understanding of your target market, social trends and social media metrics.

Applying this industry knowledge to your social media plan will see data translate into successful results.

How the various social channels are employed to shape public perception and impact traditional media outlets is part art, part science.

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is to focus on “vanity metrics” instead of on the metrics that really matter, such as engagement metrics. While numbers of followers do play a part in building your brand through social media, active engagement is crucial to success.

At Zilla & Brook we focus on the metrics that matter by crafting compelling messages and embracing transparency.

We build profiles organically and create an authentic community of loyal customers through our four-step process:

• Plan
• Build
• Promote
• Measure

In consultation with you, Zilla & Brook will leverage emerging social media tools and techniques to develop the overarching social media and digital marketing strategies.

Zilla & Brook’s social media services include but are not limited to:

• Creation of social media strategy
• Clean-up and streamlining of social media accounts across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Trip Advisor and Zomato. This ensures that the same key messages are communicated across all platforms and helps to boost SEO
• Development of online personality through perception and tone
• Creation of monthly content plans and fortnightly social media schedule, including creation and curation of six scheduled posts per week
• Creation and implementation of activations and advertising according to your budget
• Community management
• Monitoring and reporting of analytics.

Want to learn more?

Our three one-hour training sessions are designed to give the client a solid base on which to tackle his or her own social media management. Session one will include an introduction to the platforms, the follow-up sessions will be an evaluation of the work so far, suggestions for improvement and an opportunity to tackle questions. The final session will also touch on Facebook advertising and strategies.